28 April 2010

Green Volunteering

Practicing the 3Rs and other conservation measures are an important aspect of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. While doing our own part for the environment, it’s also important to contribute to society’s efforts to make our environment clean, healthy and sustainable for all. Here are some ways in which residents of all ages and walks of life can get involved in community volunteering efforts.
  1. 1. Step up and clean up!
Beach and park clean ups are an excellent, hands-on way to help improve the environment. Organise a cleanup with your friends, community group or school, and give your favourite park such as Kranji Reservoir, Lower Seletar Reservoir and Sembawang Park a facelift, and reward yourself with a picnic after!
  1. 2. Hold the earth in your hands.
Terrariums are basically glass jars containing plants that flourish for months on end – self-sustaining ecosystems. They beautify any desk or room, and are effective ways of encouraging a love for nature. You can start by attending terrarium making workshops conducted by SEC. Then, you can make your own terrariums out of recycled materials, and sell them to raise funds for your favourite charity organisation. Contact info@sec.org.sg to learn more about terrarium making workshops!
Gambar Galian Ciuyah Waled Cirebon Jawa Barat

  1. 3. Chip in by logging in!
With a busy school schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to volunteer on a regular basis. You can still do your part by helping to spread environmental awareness, online!
North West CDC and SEC have jointly joined GS 2050, a project aimed at guiding Singapore’s environmental development in the coming decades. Log on to www.youthhabitat.sg/gs2050 and make your opinions count by answering a short survey on issues that matter to you, and contribute to forum discussions amongst your peers! Your responses will be collated into a document that will serve as a reference for businesses and policymakers alike.
You can also log on to www.youthhabitat.sg and contribute articles on environmental issues to the site, as well as help maintain the website. Sign up today!
  1. 4. Go out and spread the word!
A great way to raise awareness amongst the young is by encouraging peers to share their thoughts and ideas with one another. SEC trains volunteers to give talks at their schools on topics such as green lifestyle habits and environmental consciousness. Contact us at info@sec.org.sg to get trained as a volunteer speaker today! The public speaking skills and environmental knowledge you will gain in the training workshops will be valuable to you in all aspects of your school and professional life!

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