06 Mei 2010

George Huguely Yeardley Love early friendship

The government will auction off about 271 381 artefacts remain outstanding for more than 1000 years from the cargo ship sank in waters off Cirebon, Wednesday (5 / 5). The Government believes that the auction to ensure legal certainty and no rules are violated. Meanwhile, a number of people regretted the auction plan valuables origin cargo vessel sink (BMKT) relics of 10th-century China is. George Huguely Yeardley Love early friendship. Should the government do not see from the short-term economic interests, but also look at aspects of its history, said Community Advocacy Coordinator of Cultural Heritage (Madya) Jhohannes Marbun.

Indonesia, Marbun said, would lose the goods of high historical value that is not necessarily found again. George Huguely Yeardley Love early friendship. Research about Indonesia's maritime history can also be disconnected if the artefacts were taken abroad. Separately, Director of Underwater Heritage Directorate of History and Antiquities Ministry of Culture and Tourism Surya Helmi said, these BMKT auction is a consequence of the license issued by the government.

Previously, Helmi said, many people with a barge to take charge of the ship sank in Indonesian waters and sell it to the international market. George Huguely Yeardley Love early friendship. Countries do not gain anything. Done the most horrendous cases of Berger Michael Hatcher, a resident of Australia, who auctioned off the gold bars 225 and 160 000 pieces of ceramic from the ship that sank in Indonesian waters.

These items auctioned in Amsterdam in 1985 with a trading value of about 16 million United States dollars at that time. Indonesia can not be a dime, said Helmi. Departure from the case, then was published Presidential Decree No. 49 of 1985 on Surveying and Appointment of Licensed goods cargo ship sank. George Huguely Yeardley Love early friendship. Because the cost is big enough, the investor gets the 50 percent and 50 percent for the state.

Secretary General of the National Committee Appointment and Use of Materials BMKT Sudirman Saad said, there have been 20 applicants BMKT Cirebon, of them are from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Hongkong, Indonesia ceramics organizations, and companies and individuals from Indonesia. However, George Huguely Yeardley Love early friendship, two days before the auction of a collection of 271 381 pieces of artifacts relics of China's 10th century, there were no bidders who register.

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