05 Mei 2010

Suitcases packed with 28 Chinese babies for sale

Suitcases packed with 28 Chinese babies for sale
March 24 2003
Police in south-western China discovered 28 baby girls hidden in nylon suitcases on a long-distance bus, apparently destined to be sold, police and a state-run newspaper said.
One of the babies had died by the time police, acting on a tip-off, found them last week when the bus was stopped at a motorway toll gate in Bingyang, Guangxi province, the Beijing News said.
Police at the Bingyang police station said more than 20 suspects, some among the bus passengers, had been arrested. The babies ranged in age from a few days to about three months.
"They had been on the bus for four or five hours before they were found," an officer said.
Some of the infants were two or three to a suitcase, which were stacked on the luggage rack, the back row of seats and along the sides of the bus.

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